That's really good actually. I like how atmospheric it is and everything fits together well. I think it could benefit from some more bass frequencies, not much more, just a little.

Excellent job though, very cool song.
It's a very enjoyable song! Can't think of anything that needs to be changed. Great job!
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Thanks! I had a lot of trouble with the bass sitting right in this track, lots of going back and forth through different speakers and headphones. It becomes too "woofy" usually when I turn it up anymore so I left it low.
Nice guitar tones in the intro.

Love the overdriven guitar that comes in around the 50 second mark. I think the vocals become a little indistinct during this section though; I'd maybe try compressing them a bit so you can bring up the quieter parts without the louder ones.

I love the singer's voice; it's perfect for the chill vibe you have going on here.

I think there's some more room for instruments, especially in the higher registers. Having a pad or some strings holding out some high notes could help give your track a more immersive quality.

Awesome track, man.

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