I'm trying to use the USB output of my Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 to play through my laptop. There is quite a bit of lag at all times...it makes it somewhat impossible to keep time, and the Vypyr shuts off its speaker when I plug it into the PC. Is there anything I can do about this?

I too tried the amp usb route and wasted way too many hours trying to get a good tone, even after fixing the latency problem.

So use your amp for jamming, and get an interface. Plug your guitar directly into it for a nice clean signal, and use an amp sim in your DAW, like ABC's Shredsuite, Amplitube or Lepou's for a good free one. Good luck.
In that case, I couldn't use the Vypyr anyway correct? Since it doesn't have a preamp out other than the USB. I could use my 5150 I think, but does the 5150 also have to be driving a cabinet at the same time I am recording?

Maybe at that point I'm better off to just try to mic up my cabinet.
Sure, if you can get a good mike, mike you cab.

You could try to set your Vypyr to a nice clean tone. I tried it with my Crate Profiler. It wasn't perfect, but it work way better than a distorted tone going in.
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I had a delay problem with my fender mustang and changing the buffer to 512 samples fixed it for me.