My first Dean! I just got my hands on this beauty and she's fantastic, but also a bit of a mystery. Does anyone know when Dean produced this style headstock? There is no serial stamped on the headstock. The only photo I've seen of a Dean with this same headstock was posted on a thread in this forum here:


where it was listed as an Elite Prototype. (Note it has a different bridge, not the Tune-o-matic style like this one.) Also this features a bolt-on neck which I did not think was common with Cadillacs.

Thanks in advance to any Dean aficionados, guitar history buffs, or general know-it-alls who can help!

Can't say I've ever seen a Caddy with a bolt- on neck. The headstock looks like one they used to call the duckbill, as I recall, but I've only ever seen it on basses.

You might consider emailing them the photos.
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