Hey everyone. Having a hard time getting some new listeners so I'm just posting this around the music forums. Its metal with a lot of different influences. I've been writing for about 2 years and nothing sounded good. So about 4 months ago I decided to hit it head on. This is what I've got so far. I had to write it all myself on guitar pro since I don't know anyone else interested in composing. Hopefully people will like it. I'm not wanting to make it in music or anything, its more for fun but as long as I can contribute to my passion ill be happy. This is exported from gp because my guitar is out of comission right now. I'm eager to here some comments! Thanks
Hey, this stuff is great overall. I applaud the rhythmic sophistication. This stuff is technical/mathy– you really gotta good taste for constructing those brainily complex grooves, and I dig it. Some of the riffs in Consecration are SICK! That's my favorite of the songs, and I would love to hear that song played by a live band. Nepi has some real cool stuff goin on in it too, like that great intro with those almost free-jazzy drums, and the stuff at like 3:25ish. Can you really play this songs on guitar and where are you from? In the extreme coincidence that we live adjacently to each other, I would love to write music with you and learn these songs on guitar myself.

There is some criticism that I could make and wouldn't make if I didn't honestly love these songs overall. I mean, pretty much all of the riffs are awesome in and of themselves, but there are definitely a significant number of transitions that just aren't quite smooth enough yet. Even though Concresance is my favorite one, I think that's a good example of a song where at least a couple of the transitions are still off. I think there are maybe some bones to be picked with some of your note selections. This goes without saying, but, as much as math metal often successfully delves into the purely chromatic, there is of course a right way and a wrong way to hit notes outside the predominant scale you're playing in. Some of the outside notes you hit just don't feel quite right. "Exit of Earth" might be a good example of that. Although, I have to say, it felt alot better on the second listen, so I don't know.

I too was in a similar situation as you. I loved writing metal music on guitar but didn't know anyone else interested in composing. So, with the use of Guitar Pro, I ended up composing this free album of what I consider to be synth-metal about 5 years ago. Check it out if you're interested:
I'm listening to Concresance right now, around the 50 second mark is when I decided I would like to hear a recorded version of it. Gpro is an awesome tool, without it there are a lot of songs I could never learn, but I don't think it's MIDI instruments do your composition justice.