Hello everyone,
sorry before hand if this is in the wronge forum or should have been in the "small questions" thead,

anyway, I was cleaning out my closet the other day and found one of my guitars. Very cheap strat copy guitar, was $60 when i got it new a few years ago. Anyways, I put some strings on her n play around for a little bit n found out the nesk is actually not warped haha, but the neck heel is very uncomfortable.

I got the idea that i could probably take out the top left screw from the neck heel and just cut it off or sand it down more, to about hafl its size, because I can not reach the last 4 frets on this thing!

also, I was thinking about the pickups, since this was orignaly an H-s-s type guitar i was thinking to make it h-h-h, I just like the way humbuckers sound more than singles,

also was thinking about sanding
down the neck since its about an inch think and it feels pretty horrible, like it's gonna give me a splinter if I slide down the neck.

Anyways i was hoping somebody could give me advice on how to do any of this stuff, i have soldered before, swapped out a few set of pups n have some spares laying around,
and i dont really care much for wat happens to the looks of this guitar, just that it plays and sounds good

thanks in advance for advice, im pretty noob at sanding and wood work.
If you sand down the heel, you'll want to either do something like this with the neck plate(which you can do yourself if you have a grinder and a drill press), or recess the screw holes and use ferrules(and shorten the screws). For the pickups, you'll need to route out a swimming pool channel to fit the humbuckers. If it's an off brand, finding a replacement pickguard might be hard, so you can make humbuckers holes in it, either by routing, or using a chisel. You can even use pickup rings to make it look nicer if you do a sloppy job, like this .

Idk about the neck, since I don't know anything about it. If you're goal is to make it smaller, you run the risk of hitting the truss rod. If it's bare wood now and you just wanna make it smooth, you can just sand it from 100 up to 320 and put either a tru-oil or a boiled linseed oil finish on it. Or you can leave it unfinished if you like that dirty look(but know that finishes help protect wood from climate changes).
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wow! Thank you so much, I got the heel done today and also the swimmong pool cavity.
I will surely use those ferrules, and the pick guard will be gettin cut out.

Thank you so much, this helpes out a lot!