I'm looking at purchasing a new amp that fits the style of my band better (we play bluesy/psychedelic/garage rock)and is easier to move around than my current JCM 800/ Mesa cab setup.

I'm looking in the $300-$600 price range and have been mainly focusing on Fender and Vox Amps. I need something that can do clean and overdriven well and works well with pedals (we have a couple songs that are a little heavier and use a fuzz/distortion; i also use a chorus/echo, EQ, and Wah for other songs). Also something that works well for bar-sized venues. I was wondering if people could weigh in on preferences and the differences tone/style-wise between the following models

Fender Bassman
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Fender Blues Deluxe
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (EDIT: oops, meant to say Deville)
Vox AC-15

Obviously I'm going to play these amps before I buy one but I just want to narrow things down. If there are any other models that people would recommend in this rice range for blues/classic rock, post those as well. Thanks
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Well, there were several different versions of Bassman so you probably need to narrow that down a bit and you list HRD twice??.

All of these amps are viable gig quality amps for Blues/Classic Rock. I gigged with the HRD for 5 years and she always sounded great and never let me down. Someone once wrote that the HRD is the single most gigged guitar amp ever produced. Just ignore the OD channel and run a TS9 or OCD pedal in front for higher gain stuff.

The Bassman reissue sounds good and has more of that classic tweed tone and the Blues Deluxe is a simpler HRD with much the same Mojo. I have never run through the AC-15 but heard other guys who sounded really good through them.
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