Hi guys, i want to have a sound like Muse have on Uprising live (sounds like keyboard) and Jace Everett's rythm guitarist has on some parts of Bad Things.

I mean, kinda keyboardish effect with guitar. I have a Gibson Traditional and yet no pedals. But when i do, gonna have a OCD fulltone v3 and a boss distortion pedal.

What do you suggeest?
What Boss distortion pedal are you going for? I would actually recommend something like the Boss Me-25 or Me-70 if you are into music like Muse and others with interesting effects. There are many effects options available here, great distortion also. It's Boss so you know it will sound good.

Not sure exactly how to get that Muse tone thought, Maybe someone else here can help, or just experiment once you get your pedals.
do you have youtube links to the exact sounds you want? that'll help, just in case we're talking at cross purposes.

what's your amp?

also don't buy any pedals until we figure out what you need. you might be wasting your money.
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