I am currently selling my great condition Mesa Boogie Dual Rec as I am upgrading my rig while my taste changes.

I have the Footpedal, cables, Amp head, and a full inspection done as of 04/12/14 by a licensed Mesa Repair shop. I will provide a link to my current craigslist ad, I am selling only to locals because I do not want to ship. Southern California (OC/LA) area. Come try the head out and notify me whenever you'd like to. Email me at bonneauryan92@gmail.com or contact me through my craigslist post.

$1,150 cash or willing to trade for gear.

Some gear I'm interested in:

Mesa Mark IV Head, Peavey 5150ii head+slant cab/extra cash for price difference.
ENGL Fireball/Powerball.

Mesa Dual Rec 100W 3CH Ad

If you have any questions contact me.