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In a couple of days, I'll be in my first live situation. On guitar that is... Usually I'm on keys. I'll be playing in a rock show but I'll be in a sort of 'pit' environment. I say that because it will probably be in an open room next door to the show. So, on with my questions, or maybe just question actually. OH! And a quick note: Apologies if this is not the correct forum, it seemed the most ideal of them though.

Most songs require distortion, but there are certain parts which require long durations of feedback. What is the best way to position me and my amp? I mean, It'll be a cramped room so I'll be near it. I don't want it deafening me (EARPLUGS!!) or others but it'll have to be loud enough. Of course, I don't want it feedbacking at every chance it's get. Obviously when I'm not playing it goes without saying that I'll turn my volume all the way down but if I'm holding a loud distorted note, how could I really stop it from feedbacking?

I guess my main issue is that I've never been in this scenario before as I'm a bedroom player, so if I want feedback, I position myself closer or turn towards/away from my amp. However, I need to be able to 'engage' it so to speak whenever I wish, but also be in a position where I can hear myself. I'll be using my amps distortion primarily, but I do have Boss Metal Zone. Perhaps I could use it as a 'boost/EQ' (with it's EQ, it's easy to feedback) pedal on top of my distortion to easliy feedback? Or just use it solely on it's own?

I don't know.... I'm rambling now I think. Thoughts?
Test it during sound check. If you get too much feedback, turn the guitar down. Not enough, turn up. The volume control on your guitar is cool like that. You can practice all this at home and get your settings dialed-in knowing that things may be a little different based on room acoustics.
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