Short and sweet, I've been wanting to get a Fuzz Face for a long time. Wanted to jump on the Mini Fuzz Faces, but nobody got them in stock before the next semester. It's summer, and I'm home instead of at college, so I want to pick one up before I go back. I intend to try them out, but the more info I can get the better. Can I get an explanation on A. how the three variants differ tonally and in terms of use, and B. why the price is different?

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i haven't tried the mini ones but I think the general feeling is that germanium is slightly warmer/smoother/less aggressive/lower gain while silicon is slightly harsher/higher gain/less smooth.

the prices are the same on thomann. i dunno where you are, though.
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I haven't tried the mini Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face, but I have played the other two.

The Red Germanium is more overdrivey. Feeding it into a cranked amp or a distortion channel sounds best, and I found it to work better with single coil pickups.

The Blue Silicon one is more fuzzy, and is less picky about amp and pickups. I personally prefer the Blue one.

Germanium transistors are generally more expensive than silicon, and I think it requires more work to match them properly.
I tried both the Jimi mini and germanium mini. I find the Jimi fuzz more fuzzy too, and the germanium is smoother and fatter. The germanium fuzz face really react quickly to your volume control. Like at 9 it smoothen up and 8 you barely hear the fuzz., while the FFM3 cleans up less quickly (if that makes any sense).

I ended up with the germanium fuzz face, just because I like my fuzz well... a little less fuzzy. I had a hard time deciding between the 69' fulltone and this one though.
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