Hi, I have a Fender Standard MIM HSS Stratocaster and today I replaced the stock humbucker for a Seymour Duncan TB-6. I'm totally new to soldering and did not really have an idea what I was doing. So I just desoldered the cables of the Fender humbucker and put the cables of the SD humbucker to the positions where the cables of the same color of the Fender humbucker have been. I hope that is correct. Now I can play the new humbucker, but the volume is too low. When the single coils and humbucker have the same distance to the strings, the single coils are louder and usually it should be the other way round. Can you give me a hint what I might have done wrong?
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In what you did you may have accidentally wired it split, causing the volume drop. With SDs the white and red wires get soldered together, the green and bare go to ground, and the black gets soldered to the switch.
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