Hey, I made a tab for Tool's Parabola. I just submitted it and I noticed there was another tab for this song that was rated 5 stars. I believe it was rated recently because I didn't see one rated 5 stars before I made my tab. It was pretty crummy so I went to rate it 3 stars.

A message in red came up but it was.. odd. It was displayed horizontally and the words were being cut off by the small parameters of the box then continuing the word on the next line. There were around 3-4 letters per line (if I remember correctly). Anyway, I could only make out the words "..couldn't.. because.."

I went to see if I could rate other tabs. I could. Is this some sort of safety thing were you can't rate other tabs if you have posted the same tab to stop competition? I'm just trying to help people out. I'm not trying to be mean but that tab was definitely not rated what it should have because it was really bad. I feel like people would flock to that one instead of the one I decided to make; I made it specifically because the others were bad. I spent around 8 hours on this, checking soundboard recordings, looking at live footage, repeatedly replaying the song, even collaborating with someone who has seen Adam Jones (the guitarist of Tool) play from 5 feet away many times. I'm not trying to get "views" or something silly like that. Honestly. :P

So any help on this?

Oh, and I don't use the forums often so I don't know if I'm posting in the right board.. Sorry, in advance. ^^