No theme here. Just a mix of brutal/tech death and "post" sludge I put together, so a bunch of heavy shit. Some stuff is relatively recent, others I've had in my files for years. Hope y'all enjoy.


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Bumped. Listening in a few.

EDIT: The few tech death tracks were alright. Not really my thing, but Hieronymous Bosch aren't terrible. Just got to VYGR and it reminds me a bit of Crowbar, who are pretty good in my eyes.

Gutted Souls were pretty cool. Didn't pay much attention to Mooooaaaaaannnnnaaaa and Supercontinent were alright. That djenty kind of sound, again, not really what I'd normally listen to but not bad, and the fact it was instrumental was a bonus point. Men In Search of the Perfect Weapon were alright too.
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Not bad; it's not an area of heavy music I visit very often, but I didn't mind the stuff on the mix. Supercontinent probably is the highlight for me.

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Got around to listening to this. Good mix. Not stuff I listen to on a daily basis, so it was an interesting listen. Hieronymous Bosch and VYGR were particularly good. Gonna listen to Emenius' mix next.
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