I"m not sure if this is gonna be a stupid question or not, but here I go. So I have a marshall mg10 cd amp, the little practice amp, on the front it says 10 watts but on the back it says 40 watts. I have been really wanting to buy the peavey vypyr vip 1 20w modeling amp, which I believe is a 20 watt amp. If somebody could please enlighten me on both of the amplifiers watts I would greatly appreciate it. Anyway, my question is whether the peavey will be a good improvement from the marshall. I"m liking the whole built in pedal thing (and the cheapness O_o). I play mostly classic rock and some shred, but the shred just sounds absolutely horrible on the little marshall. So thank you for any responses and please forgive my stupidity.
The peavey will be better than the Marshall. But if you go used you can get a an older Vypyr 30 combo which will sound even better because it has a 12" speaker and not a 8" one.
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The 40W you are referring to is power consumption, not power output. It's a 10W amp.
The Vyper is a far better amp. But as Rob said - go for the 30.
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