Hey guys im new, i mean iv been lurking around for while and doing my own thing, but now i really wanted to take upon my self to learn to sing alot better than i do. Iv had one singing lesson from a singing cuch in Nashville and thats it. it was more a less a review of my voice. He said i do have a breathy voice i know that much and he said that he personally thinks i got a nice foundation to build upon.

I am liking to a site that will let you down load a mp3 of me singing a short snipet of random singing. Yes i know im the worst ok. I know i cant sing. But that dose not mean i cant improve right? Ether way i will. But i really want info, sites. atm i cant afford singing lessons..but is there anything you can hear from this mp3 that might help me improve? is it simply to breathy? i also cant really hit my head voice i think. here you go

the link https://soundcloud.com/blenderbros1/singing-voice/s-P6Zb8

thanks for the help
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I'll take a whack at it.

First, do us all a favor and use some semblance of correct grammar and writing in your posts. I'm no grammar nazi, but when someone is requesting something and cant bother to make it easy to read, I'm less likely to help. Anywho, (soap box gets put away) ya your voice is real breathy.

That's totally fixable though. You just need to learn proper diaphragmatic support. Look that up on you-tube and you will have hours of material to slog through. Most of it on this subject is pretty good. After you begin to get an understanding of proper support you can start modeling your voice. Until this however, no one can really help you develop anything more. I.E- There is no use working on head voice until you can muster the support to properly use it.
Check out the old archived thread and the vocal exercises sticky. Look particularly for posts from SingingSabre, axemanchris and myself. I know there were a couple others who had some good ideas, but it's been long enough that I've forgotten who said what as I've been dealing with the crap that comes with having adult responsibilities.

What I heard in the clip you posted definitely indicates a need to work on support. It sounded and felt flat. There was no energy behind it.

As to not being able to access the upper register, that will come with improved technique. Get the lower register in order, and the rest will follow. I had a hard time being consistent in my upper register until I got the kinks in the lower register ironed out.

Save up for lessons. Find out what the going rate is in your area and find someone willing to work with you on an as you can afford it basis. Online resources can be good, but there's no substitute for a professional being able to see and hear what you are doing in person. Record the lessons so you can refer back to them. This is especially important if lessons will be infrequent.

And yes, grammar is good. This isn't a text. There is an edit function. Clarity is important when dealing with something as subjective and personal as the human voice.
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