I recently got a Fender Pawn Shop Series "Excelsion" amp. It's a great little tube amp, looks amazing, and sounds just as good. But, it only has a few knobs. A volume, tremolo, and tone (mine was modded to have this). Could I connect some sort of head to it? I'd like to have the mid, treble, and bass knobs on it.

If it helps, here is the information given to me about the amp when I received it:
"Fender Pawn Shop Series Excelsior Amp
2 - 6V6 Power Tubes
2 - 12 A X 7 Preamp tubes"

PS: I'd like to avoid have to go through any extra modding, if that is what is necessary.

Thanks in advance.

Some combos have the speakers connected by a normal jack connection, some don't. If that one does then you can attach a head to it, if not then you can't.

You might be able to mod it in to possibility but the amount of work involved in that again depends on how the exact combo you have is wired as much as anything else.
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If you're asking if you can plug the output from the head into the guitar input of the excelsior - no.

There are things that could be done but every time i try to explain it my eyes drift shut. In the meantime don't do anything weird with your amp because you could damage it if you disconnect the wrong thing or plug the wrong thing into the wrong thing.
If you hooked up a head to it you'd be bypassing the "amp" part of the combo and just using the speakers. Any amp, whether it be a head or combo, needs to be hooked up to speakers or some sort of dummy load when it is on or you risk damaging the amp.

It appears, however, that your amp's speaker does not plug into the amp via jack, it's hardwired in, so you can't connect a head to it. What you need is a graphic EQ pedal. Or a new amp. If you were thinking about getting a head I'd say just get one and a decent 1x12 cab. If you are hapy with your current amp, again, just get a graphic EQ pedal, MXR makes a great 10 band one.
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Quote by TheStig1214
If you are hapy with your current amp, again, just get a graphic EQ pedal, MXR makes a great 10 band one.

Yep, just throw an EQ in front of it.
the excelsior i had was on a jack. a pretty short one, though. but if you can make it stretch, you can plug the jack coming from the speaker into a different amp head (it'd have to be a pretty low output head, though, IIRC the stock speaker isn't rated for too many watts).

but an EQ pedal is probably a far handier idea, especially if you like the sound of the amp but just want more control over its tone.
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In your situation a head onto the combo is probably unnecessary. I'm with everyone else, get a EQ pedal. Bolt it to the amp if you want. You could also go to the nearest college with an Electrical Engineering program and trade beer or Mountain Dew for a three-band EQ mod.

If you really want to, you could wire a head to the speaker. Jamie Hince of the Kills does this, for some undisclosed reason. Be careful about it though, electricity can be dangerous. Don't send a hundred watts into a twenty watt speaker or anything obviously stupid.
Dear Mr. or Mrs. Extraintestinal, I feel I have an insight into the nature of your desired sound control issue, but first Il have to try explaining a few things along the way.You want to vary the amp's sound in a manner that is much more to your liking. I have to start by saying that most all Fenders ever made with this particular combination of vacuum tubes are generally regarded as being sought-after sounds, and worth clinging to, in a phrase. So, it is overwhelmingly likely you can eventually "coax out" the sounds you wish to make by staying with that amp and getting to know it. Changing a certain resistor out for one with a different value in that amp will give you a lot more midrange whomp and girth. You really don't have to do it, but it's cheap & easy for any qualified amp service person to quickly knock out, for a low price. The resistor that was factory-installed is a value that is about the same as having a mid control set on "5". A replacement can "turn it up to twelve", if you like, or anything in between. But if you want to sound like, say, Eric Clapton, you can bring your guitar & amp to a music store and try out some things. A good sales attendant can quickly help you find the Eric Clapton pedal or any of a large variety of great sounding stomp box pedals. There's also a '59 Bassman pedal and it is one of a whole line of kick-ass convincing-sounding foot-pedals that you can find in any price range. I give a personal thumbs up to the overlooked Bad Monkey pedal, at a huge bargain of under $100.
These and many other completely different options are available, almost catering to your every musical whim, not to mention your budget. A lot of those pedals have a mid control, as well. To look at it a different way, you can take it beyond that. Might you have an amp head lying about, and you are wondering if it will drive the speaker that's in the combo amp? The quick answer is , yes it's possible, but you run the risk of blowing the lower-rated speaker, which is durable enough to handle the two 6V6's, but not a bigger amp. If that happens, you may have to live with having no speaker at all. The only thing you can do is try it, if you can unplug the speaker cord from a speaker output mounted on the amp chassis, that may not reach to the other unit, and the speaker cords tend to be yanked loose from the amps of those who've tried it themselves. The way to be comfortable with your speaker's long life, is to always try to play a louder amp at levels that are LOWER than the levels you achieve when the speaker is plugged into the amp in the combo. If it's agood head, it eventually deserves its own speaker in a cabinet then you's have your tone rig, your practice combo, and your stage piggyback. Some modern heads feature a guitar amp output, intended to be plugged right into the same input jack you use when you play your combo, and often those amps provide for an added function, where you can run the amp head without having to have a speaker connected. However, the majority of heads out there are NOT designed to operate without a speaker connected, (or, a "dummy load", at least) so make it a rule to never run your amps, or anybody else's, without a speaker properly connected, unless you know specifically that the amp you are doing it with can safely do it. Lastly, I'll say that relatively few guitarists ever had an easy time finding their sound and voice, for it can be an arduous task to even know what's all out there for the right equipment, that gives rise to one's own personal, most sincere musical expressions. I'm certain you will grow to love your Fender amp, for all the world. It is capable of doing justice to every nuance of your imagination.
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