I would like to ask about songs which I can play to newborn child to sleep her. Could you recommend me any soft songs, lullaby etc.? I will be glad.

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My fiancee is researching this for a university dissertation paper and has found lots of evidence to support that the music doesn't matter so much to the mood of the baby, as the tone/timbre of the instrument.

Softer tones such as the classical guitar, piano (played gently) or xylophone would soothe, likewise acoustic guitar or banjo would stimulate.

Pieces of music I would recommend as standard for relaxation are Pachabel's Canon in D and The Swan (Saint-Saens), but get a classical guitar, learn some Bach and you should get some results.
David Lee Roths' sister has solved this conundrum.

Rock songs converted into lullabies...

Rockabye Baby
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