Recently i have been listening to " Astraeus - Delusion " and "after burial the wolf amon" and the guitar effect got into me. I have been trying to get that kinda sound since then but I simply couldn't. I use a Zoom G9.2 tt, I know it's not a great multi-fx but there must be some way to achieve that type of sound.
Could anyone please help me to get that sound in Zoom g9.2tt...your help will be greatly appretiated!!
Astraeus - Delusion - the clean tone is simply a clean tone with a bit of grit and loads of delay and reverb. The heavy tone might not be attainable - try high gain with no reverb or delay with your noise gate cranked so that it cuts off tightly when you stop a note.
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Thank for the tip reverb66.....I will try that settings....hope it does the job..