Hi guys, I'd want to get a new guitar but with all these awesome models I'm a bit confused.
Now I have an Ibanez rg350mz and a Peavey bandit 112, and while I'm quite happy with the amp, it's not the same for the guitar.
I play mainly metal (Iron maiden, Judas priest, Silent civilian, Avenged sevenfold, Megadeth) but also hard rock (Guns, Rev theory, Breaking Benjamin's hard stuff, Three days Grace,ecc..) and sometimes, when I want to relax, some punk like Sum41.
Now with a budget of 1000 euro (I'm Italian) can I get something decent enough? For exemple I like the Schecter sls solo 6 or also the ltd ec-1000 but I don't know if they are versatile enough for what I play. Thank you!
if you don't mind it looking ridiculously awesomely 1980s, richtone music (in england) is getting a bunch of the now-discontinued Japanese-made Charvel Pro Mods into stock for £600 (~750 euros, though you'd have to pay postage and your credit card might screw you slightly on the exchange rate).

As far as I'm aware, the ones with the scratchplate are routed HSH under it, so that'd give you more options for different pickup layouts down the road if you decided you wanted a change- with a new pickguard you could have any number of different pickup layouts (once you buy pickups, of course).

Might be worth considering.

I'm sure Japanese-made Ibanez prestiges can be had for under 1000 euros too, and they're pretty versatile too (most are HSH pickups as well).

That's assuming you like superstrats. I do and tend to assume everyone does. I just notice you listed LP-style guitars as your favoured choices. if you ask me, though, those japanese guitars are a step-up from those korean guitars you listed (though I haven't tried that exact schecter).
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