Hey guys,

I have a problem with playing guitar at my house. When I plug into the amp, there is a static feeling on the strings, not a shock but more static, that feels like its making any hair on my hand or arm raise a little. It also gives me a strange feeling down my arm sometimes. If I lightly touch the strings I can often hear a bit of a crackle in the amp also.

Everything was fine when I first got the guitar 8 months ago and was fine for a few months. Nothing had changed in my house and I thought it was the amp so I bought a new one and get the same problem.

However, this problem occurs at my house and another 2 houses. It does not occur at a different 3 houses. So its looking like a very strange problem that occurs in some places but not others.

I have tried another 2 guitars at my house, in 1 of them (a cheap Encore) it has the problem, however my friend couldn't feel it. In the other (an Ibanez RG series) it felt much better but it was very faintly there as well. The owner of the Ibanez could feel it in my guitar but only after a period of time using it and ever so faintly.

I keep thinking now it may be my guitar and it just happens to work perfect in certain houses.

The guitar I am using is an Ibanez Gio. Both amps are a Roland Cube 80GX and a basic starter Ibanez amp.

An electrician has also tested the sockets in the house for grounding problems and all sockets are perfect.

I am still waiting on a friend to bring round a Fender Strat to try it out here.

I have no idea what to do from here, any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I had this same problem before. When I would play on my back porch i could feel it. It would occur with any amp and most guitars. I figured it was the outlet, but never confirmed that.

I could see this varying based on which guitar as some guitars are grounded differently. For instance if your guitar is grounded to the bridge, which contacts the strings, then you would feel it.

Since you are saying all the outlets are okay, i have no idea.
It's probably a static charge on the plastic pickguard. You can buy anti-static spray for that. Since the guitar is kind of precious, don't use too much and try to keep it out of the working parts.
Thanks for the feedback guys.

I'll check out that anti-static spray, thanks. If it was the static on the pickguard, that would transfer to the strings as well yeah?

Very strange thing, if it was the same problem everywhere I played it would be easy to fix but since it works absolutely perfect in some places, yet in others it has this problem, makes it extremely hard to work out it out.