Hey everyone.

I've been working on this ambitious song for my band for a little less than a month. When it's complete, it will be a three-part song suite (corresponding to the items in the title), and I believe it'll go to around 9-10 minutes. Maybe more if I feel very ambitious. Maybe less if all parts aren't too interesting when we actually rehearse it.

I'm treating each 'part' as a separate song. The idea for this track came from having written a lot of math pop, prog/post rock and string arrangements, and I wanted to find a fun way of putting the pieces together.

So far, I've written the first part and half of the second. MIDI doesn't really to justice to the slower sections, so try to imagine the volume swells as.... not crappy-sounding

I'll probably update now and again when I make significant changes or when sections become completed.

Will happily C4C!!
12. The Make-up, the Pride, and the Façade.gp5