I'm kind of conflicted here. I played on an EVH Wolfgang special (made in Japan ) today and it felt amazing. However, I'm in a funk rock band that incorporates fuzz and heavier RATM-inspired bits, and the American deluxe Strat seems amazing too especially because of the single coils vs the humbuckers on the EVH which may be too hot for cleans.

Brand new, the EVH is about the equivalent of $1100 brand new here, and I can get a second hand deluxe in mint condition at around $1500 (I live in South Africa and brand new strats cost a fortune...). The maple fingerboard is a big winover for me on the EVH however and all the strats being sold around me secondhand are rosewood.

In terms of quality and sound, what would you recommend? Should I hold out for a maple fingerboard fender Strat? How would it compare to an EVH Wolfgang special?

I absolutely love my maple board strat. Maybe wait till you get to play them both and then decide.
Why not just get a H-S-S american deluxe strat? Best of both worlds?
^ that's what i was thinking, but if he has to go used he might have to wait a while. he might get lucky, though.

i think (don't quote me) they're all HSH-routed anyway so whacking a humbucker in there should be an option even on the SSS model
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