Hi all,

as a noob, I have scoured various diagrams and found several options, I am confused as the passive wiring is so different to the active hum bucker, and emg use solder less diagrams these days.

I have attached a picture that maybe can be annotated?

Picture 104 - Copy.jpg
If I understand your question you want to install a single emg humbucker 1 v 1 t. Here is the diagram

The pots need to be 25k pots.
Hi buddy, yes please can you tell me in your diagram which wires are ground, positive and negative? mine above are red black and white. but in your upload I am confused.
The red wire from the pickup would go to the battery lead, the black wire or shielding wire would go to the ground on the back of the pot, the white wire would go to the volume pot lug.
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Is this correct? thanks, I'm a newb to wiring, and find it confusing.

No, you dont have to ground the trem claw with active pickups. The ground wire from the pickup goes to the back of the volume pot.