Hey guys. I have a Carvin kit strat that I finished in high school. I did a pretty poor job with the paint (chalk it up to being young and impatient) and am getting tired of the color, so I have decided to refinish it to a lovely light blue.

I was able to remove most of the existing paint using 60 grit sandpaper (don't worry, I'll smooth it up tonight) but some of the contours are proving to be really tricky. Is there a chemical peeler that y'all recommend? I don't need anything too powerful; the paint job is pretty cruddy. I could probably get the rest of it off with more 60 grit and a little good old fashioned elbow grease.

I'm also looking for a durable rattle can solution, and I found this paint and this lacquer. Would these be good tools to use, or is there a different product I should be using instead?

I hope this is enough information. I wanna do the job right this time. Thanks for reading!
Since you are painting it a solid color you could probably stop where you are and smooth sand it back out to 320. Then put on your sanding sealer and smooth it out to 320 or 400. Then probably a white primer coat since your going for a light blue, then your blue, then your clear.

In what I have read you should not put a Nitro clear over an enamel paint, it will cause it to wrinkle up.

If you are set on using the stew mac Nitro, I would check with them on what they suggest for a basecoat. Im sure they sell the color you want in a compatible product.

I used to use rattlecans and I liked the Krylon Fusion Clear, it usually went over other rattlecan colors very well. If you go that route or all nitro be prepared for some very long cure times.

I now use automotive paints and clears. If you don't have a spray rig you can usually special order colors from various places around the net that they will put in a rattle can for you. You can also get 2k clear in a special rattle can. This should all be a Poly coating. They cure much faster, Im usually able to cut and polish within a day or two, vs weeks to months for laquer.
Wow, that's a treasure trove of useful information. I'm not set on a nitro finish. I don't have a spray rig; as a matter of fact, I'll be doing most of this on the patio of my apartment. I've heard that auto paint works really well, but I didn't know you could get it in rattle cans. I'm definitely going to see if I can get some of that. Thanks a bunch for all the help!