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I'm posting here regarding a recent and unfortunate problem regarding my beloved Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom 2007. Last week I was out doing a few shows which included three flights. On the first flight I forgot to detune the strings, which I normally do when I take my guitars with me on planes. Also, a band mate asked if he could put a couple of light books in the flight case, probably not the best idea in retrospect but I said it was ok. To my horror I noticed small cracks on the neck near the headstock after the flight - see pictures (copy and paste the URL's please):



The guitar plays just as well as it has before (been playing it for about 4-5 hours in total since the incident) but naturally I'm not too happy about how that looks. I've never had this happen to any of my guitars before but I figure there should me a lot of people who experienced damaged Gibson necks before.
My questions are: judging by the photos, how bad does this look to you? Do you think it will break any time soon or could it just as well stay like this for years without breaking? Is there anything I could do to keep it from breaking? IF it happens to break, can it be fixed into decent condition again?

I'm grateful for any helpful replies!

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That's pretty nasty.

It's very difficult to tell from photographs alone how structurally sound the guitar still is. I would without a doubt repair it though. Those cracks probably will worsen over time. I would take all the strings off the guitar and see how much the crack opens up if you try to pry it apart, if at all. If it does open, that means that you could potentially inject glue into the crack. Thereby repairing the damage (at least structurally) without needing to remove the fingerboard. Removing and re-installing a fingerboard requires a lot of work, so it's best to avoid removing it if at all possible.
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Whew! Not good! On the first pic of the Low E side I thought at first your binding was pulling away from the neck and fingerboard, then when I looked at your other pic and saw the crack wandering off into the neck proper I was like, Oh Oh!
This type of repair should be left to a Pro......
On how it may have happened for future reference a couple of quick questions
1- when you place your LP in it's case does the tip of the headstock touch the bottom of the case anaywhere?
2 - When you close your case does the guitar move/shift in the case?
Moving on.....
You were traveling on an airplane and did not get insurance on the guitar? That is just stupid when it would have cost maybe $5 to insure.
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