a few weeks ago we had have you ever had a job you hate so was just wondering what is the most enjoyable job you have had?
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I really like the job I have now. I'm an engineer for my school's television network, and it's a lot of fun really.

It's also the only job I've ever had, so...
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The only jobs I've ever had have been miserable ones.

The best job I ever had was testing the electrical outlets of a building that was due to be demolished the following month. The building was still being publically used, so regulations mandated electrical testing. I was going mad from the monotony of plugging a multimeter into a wall outlet and pressing a button for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for almost no money.

The reason it's the least shitty job is because the building has now been demolished now, so I'll never have to step foot in that ****ing building ever again.
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I've had three jobs so far. The first was delivering a weekly free newspaper, which was horrible because I got paid barely anything for a few hours of work.

The second was at my uncle's company, where I basically had to solder stuff together all day long. It was pretty fun.

That leaves my third and current job, which is a bit more serious, seeing as I studied for it and everything. I now work as a technical translator. It can seem (and sometimes is) kind of boring, but I basically get to read all kinds of technical stuff and learn new stuff all day long. I really enjoy it.
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I've had tons of jobs. I can't say what was the best as all the ones I've been able to stand staying at have had their ups and downs.

Working in a bar ******* was cool, but sometimes it was stressful and the owner was this shitty old lady.
Never had a job.
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Never had a job.

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Probably my current one. It's my third job but it's my first actual real job which could turn into a career. My other two were working at golf courses, which was awesome and easy at times, but it also wore me out working during the summer. My current one is a perfect mix of hands on labor and office work.
Working at a golfshop. Really easy job, but I barely got any hours.
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I volunteered for a charity shop once to have some more 'recent experience' on my CV. It was pretty enjoyable despite my expectations of a charity shop.

There are so many odd weirdos that come in, the highlight of being there 'observing' the weirdos and waiting for the ones that are regular to come in the shop. Most of the work was pretty easy, with a lot of it being 'stand around and do nothing'.
Being a charity shop as well, it got so many donations of interesting things you don't see regularly or have never seen. Some of the stuff was pretty cool...plus I got to play with the kids toys...

I also worked there during Halloween and Christmas and the manager gave me and another girl volunteering there (I had a massive crush on her) the duty of decorating the shop which involved the manager saying "here's some cash. Go out, look at other shops displays and buy some decorations and stuff to out-do the other shops".

I was the only guy working there so when the 'man in the van' came to deliver things to peoples houses, I was expected to go with him and help out since it was mostly heavy furniture and women only want equal rights when it doesn't involve manual labor. It was mostly sat in a van listening to the radio which was classic rock so I enjoyed that. The van guy would regularly buy me a burger and a brew since I was unemployed at the time and couldn't afford to buy my own and he was grateful for the free help.

All in all, entirely not what I expected working at a charity shop to be like. I expected it to be sat around all day in a building that smells like old people hoping I would die quick and painlessly. If I could get paid for working in one, I probably would.
When I was eleven I broke the patio window and my mother sued me... She's always been a very aggressive litigator.
The best one to me was working with a college on their accreditation process. I got to sit in on meetings and offer any ideas I had and helped write and edit university policy. I really like editing stuff. It sucked at the time when we had to finish a document after working on it every day for like three days but that stuff is fun to me. I'm doing admin assistant stuff right now and I crave the mental stimulation I had before. I had something to really focus on. Now I'm always finding ways to waste time.
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I've only had four jobs, I've loved them all. My current job is my favorite though

lol. Ok thank you, AllJudasPriest.
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lolnah im a full time student for the next 3 years unless i can find a part time job (lol gl wiv dat)
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What's this about ****ing corpses? My UG senses were tingling.
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lolnah im a full time student for the next 3 years unless i can find a part time job (lol gl wiv dat)

I was full time student for 4 years and had a job at least 80% of that time.

My favorite job was probably my first when I was 16 at a gas station. I worked with kids the same age as me so it was fun. We were responsible though.

I don't know if that fully counts, so I'll also add my information systems summer job. What's not fun about sitting in a cool server room for 40 hours a week at 18.50 an hour?
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My current job of carpentry. Though, I'd probably enjoy working at a bowling alley quite a bit more.
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