Hey all,

This is a picture of my guitar, for reference:

I would like to install a piezo equiped bridge for acoustic-ish sounds using two separate outputs (one cable for magnetic pickups to amp) one cable for piezo to PA, switching between them with a 3 button switched (mag/both/piezo)

I have a luthier to do the work for me but he never really installed one of these so I'd have to give him a pretty clear set of instructions.

So first I'd get a bridge like this one:

About these bridges, are the preamps generally included or they need to also be bought apart? Any reccomendations for good but not expensive ones? I don't have a good idea of the prices. I'm in canada if that helps

Once I have that, I'm assuming he'll need to drill a hole between the bridge and the casing where the volume/tone pots are situated.

Do you think he would need to cut out much more wood to make room for the electronics? Could he use the existing volume/tone pots and slave them to the piezo so they function the same way as the magnetic pickups?

I know he would need to drill another hole for the extra output jack but is there a lot of digging around in there?

Any steps I'm forgetting?

To get an idea of labor costs, how much time would a job like this average out to?