Hi UG, I was wondering today while practicing some sweep arpeggios for this song I want to cover. How do players sweeping techniques differ. So lets hear it, please try explain your sweeping technique in detail below.

On the downward sweep I mute with the side of my thumb, the end of the crease on the left of my thumb at the joint is where I touch the strings. On the high E string I have seen many people do a quick triplet with their picking hand but I just pick once and do a hammer-on/Pull-off. When back on the B string I mute the high E with either my left index or middle finger (probably both) and then for the rest of the upward sweep I mute with the tip of my ring finger on my picking hand.

Hope that makes sense, so how do you do it?
Typically left hand over right, forward motion and if I'm feeling saucy I give the broom a little bump on the ground to dislodge excess dust before bringing it back and repeating.

Oh wait... nevermind.
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^ yay

I was gonna say i prefer a vacuum cleaner. less effort.

seriously though i just kind of "lean into it" both ways with the pick. I'm no great shakes at sweep picking, though, it must be said.
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I would also recommend Frank Gambale's sweeping (picking) technique. I've used it myself for a number of years and I would say the main advantage of it is that you can incorporate it into your normal picking technique so that you don't have to through some exaggerated hand movement when you want to sweep i.e. it's not a separate technique.

Here's Frank explaining the technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZJRZE6M_Y-M