Hey guys, I was fixing up an old/cheap guitar of mine and noticed a low pitched buzz coming from the nut. I know it's not fret buzz bc I know what fret buzz sounds and looks like
Is there anyway to fix the nut?
May sound weird, but make sure your tuners are all screwed down securely. Years ago (in my misspent youth as a roadie/soundman), our guitarist had a similar issue, and it turned out to be one of the screws fastening the low string tuner to the headstock. It actually had become stripped and was being held in by one screw. A little wood-putty, badda-bing-badda-boom, problem fixed.

Barring that, you can try shimming the nut and see if the buzz remains.

Aaaand that's about the extent of my guitar tech knowledge. Hey, at least it was free.
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