Hi lads, recently bought an e/acoustic guitar,wondering which is the lightest steel strings you can buy....extra slinkys maybe??...got to be light (very dodgy fingers)....thanks ....mick.
First, before buying the lightest strings you can get, try having your guitar set up properly as to action... If the action is too high nothing will be comfortable, and if it's correct then you can play better-sounding heavier strings with little effort.
Depends on the guitar - some guitars sound better wiht certain gauges. Like Bikewer says, you need to make sure the setup is good - for the size strings you're going to use. I've used 10s on my old Epi for 40 years.
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the lowest tension strings i use are thomastic plectrums extra lights. they don't sound great for the first few days, then after the new string sound goes away they do sound good, are pretty long lasting and are the lightest tension acoustic guitar strings i've used. pricy but worth it.

btw, having your guitar professionally set up for low action can REALLY help, as can having a guitar with the right nut width, girth and profile that suits your fingers/hand the best.
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I use Martin SP 11-52's which I feel are the best going today. They sound great and last pretty long. You can usually get them cheap from Sweetwater in a set of 12 for like 50 bucks.