I'm in a hardcore punk band and during our live shows there's an awful lot of jumping/throwing/climbing/etc. We've started putting our heads behind the cabs to keep them out of the way but were wondering if any of you had ideas for bracing the cabs to keep from falling over if they get climbed on? We usually only use a 4x12 each so we won't need to ratchet straps like The Stooges, but it'd be nice to have something to guarantee they won't topple.
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don't climb on them

Agreed. Not climbing on them would be a thought.
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You could bolt the cabinets to the stage floor with big brackets, but the venue is unlikely to like that. You could attach the cabinets to big heavy boxes (on the backside) so that the 'footprint' is much larger, but note that the box would need to be very heavy, otherwise the whole thing would be front-heavy and still tip over easily.
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Don't have your stupid asses climbing your cabs, they aren't there for that.
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