I'm in a hardcore punk band and during our live shows there's an awful lot of jumping/throwing/climbing/etc. We've started putting our heads behind the cabs to keep them out of the way but were wondering if any of you had ideas for bracing the cabs to keep from falling over if they get climbed on? We usually only use a 4x12 each so we won't need to ratchet straps like The Stooges, but it'd be nice to have something to guarantee they won't topple.
aside from agreeing with Jim, or screwing them down, not that i can think of. make risers for climbing if you must, I say.

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Yeah I agree with Jim, stop climbing on your amps. I played in a Hardcore/punk band for years and we were all over the place, never jumped on my amp ever. Build a stand and put it in front of your cab. You can also take the casters off and that may help stability some.

You could put a decent sized piece of plywood down and put some shackes on it and ratchet strap the amp and cab down.
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You could probably buy some corner braces from the hardware store. Maybe get really huge ones or a few small ones and put a piece of wood under them.


I would also make sure you take the casters off and do more of a vertical jump.
Used to do that sort of thing in my old band. I'd also reinforce the inside
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Jumping off your amps? That's so 60's/70's.

Come to think of it, Hendrix used to do that back when he wore the flat black hat with the silver concho stuff. Ran all over the tops of a bunch of Marshalls.

It's really a rigging question. We actually used to do this-- the guitar player and the bass player ran up behind my B3, put one foot each on the seat, one on each side rail, and then launch themselves into the air, flailing guitars and lots of fringe before landing on the stage and nailing the opening chord of the second half of the closing song for our second set. It was obviously going to tear up the Hammond if it became a thing (which it did), so I had the rigging guys weld up something that gave them better traction in both areas, was supported by chrome-moly steel, and kept them from ever actually touching the B3 itself. It all folded up into a case and worked great.

You should do the same with your amps. A welded framework will be nearly invisible, will support all the jumping around you want to do, and will keep from dinging the tolex.
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