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I've been playing guitar for a long time. Most songs I can learn by ear, but I'm now looking to make learning songs much easier. I've been browsing this forum, but haven't really found my answer yet. I've been getting my tabs from UG for what feels like a decade now. I've seen a lot of "Guitar Pro" and "Tab Pro" tabs, but never really cared to see what they were about. Now, I think I'm ready to break down and get one of these programs - Strictly for song learning. Tab Pro is having a "deal" for $50 unlimited access. I've also seen Guitar Pro 6 for $60. Which should I choose for my purposes? Just looking for some advice.


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guitar pro over tab pro any day
any tab pro on this site is just the highest rated guitar pro tab (or maybe just the first that was uploaded... usually the first tab uploaded ends up being the highest rated for some reason)
but anyway, tab pro is pretty useless - you cant edit the tab, it sounds horrible, the vibratos sound even worse. guitar pro has so many tools for guitarists and just...yeah, just get guitar pro.
or do what the dude above said and get tuxguitar for free, but i got guitar pro for free so
So, I got tuxguitar but I cant figure out where to download the guitar pro version of a tab. There use to be a download tab button on the bottom of the page, but now I can't find it. I can see the filesize, but no button.
It looks like a lot of tabs files were removed. Some have the download option and some dont.
The only thing about TuxGuitar is that it doesn't open GPX files, everything else it opens fine though
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If I get GuitarPro do I still have to download the tab file?


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