Not the sort of thing I would usually listen to so I am not the best person to judge but sounds really good to me. I would comment on liking a particular aspect of it such as the piano but I think it's more important how it works as a whole to create an atmosphere. I like how the dynamics changed at the end too into a climax.
Hey, i like the track, what aaron said about off key notes i think i heard one or two at the beginning (unless that was intentional) from the guitar.
I felt like the kick was maybe too loud? :S if it was softer might allow people to get more lost in the melody you guys created.
All in all i liked it, was very steven wilson esque. Keep it up


hey thanks for critiquing my song!

the panning on the drum parts was interesting. I immediately started liking the beat that comes in at 0:34. the build up and climax at 1:54 was great. kinda wish that part kept going though, it ended as quickly as it came. whole track is great though, all the different instruments compliment each other well and sit nicely in the mix. nice job.
this is a great track man...i really like how the outro goes powerful...great job!keep up the good work!
Interesting beat that comes in at around 30 seconds, really grabs attention. I think I like this song the best out of all the ones I've listened to. A recurring theme in your songs is a really powerful outro, and I think this is the best of them all yet!
That's something I've been trying to get away from, since I thought I was following the same format too much. xD
No no, its good! Different each time, but is always really powerful. Obviously mix it up a little, but it doesn't get boring or repetitive or anything