I am in the market for one of these Orange Terror amps and I am curious what out of the Dual Terror and the Dark terror would be more suited to me to play 90's style grunge like Dinosaur JR, Pixies, Mudhoney, Nirvana etc?

I play a fender strat with lace pickups (blue/silver/red) and my effects are around Big Muff PI, Boss ds1, phase 90, flanger and Vox wah.

Will these amps have enough grunt for that kinda high gain 90's rock/grunge sound and what do you guys recomend I try out? I like the orange amps for size and price. Also are these amps usable live?
The Dark terror would work, but for me the 15 watts is not enough for use with a band.

The Dual Terror would be a good choice because of the 30 watts for headroom and the 2 channels.

If you can find one the Krank 1980 Jr works perfect for what you want and even the 20 watter has plenty of headroom. But they are very hard to find because they were only made for a couple of years and then Krank shut down business. But this is a very similar amp but under a new brand name and it is $650 for a made in USA amp head.
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I have an or15 which I believe has a simillar sound to the tiny/dual terror but with extra gain. At 15w its bloody loud and could do small gigs with a decent cab. The sound is dark and bassy, does grunge well. In fact it does blues, old school metal, rock, reggae and doom really well. It's not the cleanest sounding amp but i like it. If the dual terror is comparable it should do what you want. I hear the dark terror has the extra gain stage but is geared more towards modern metal so if you can try one out first. Hope that helps.