Hey UG, so basically Im looking to get a new superstrat style guitar which will be my 3rd guitar, the other 2 are cheap strat copies So I've narrowed it down to the following 2 guitars, the Kramer Pacer Classic and the Jackson JS32 DKA-M. Both of these look great, are in my price range and have the general specs im looking for, maple neck, H-H setup, Floyd Rose etc. Anyways, Im kinda stuck on which one to get and I won't have a chance to play either of them before I buy My favourite band is RATM which I think is what is making me lean in favour of the Kramer due to its 2 vol 1 tone setup and the floyd for Morello style playing and also the Mahogany body. However, Im also a massive fan of 80's metal which I play in my band as lead guitarist, some examples are Megadeth, Metallica, Dio, Scorpions etc. Which I think the Kramer would suit well enough but also the Jackson with it's compound radius neck, recessed floyd for pull ups and it's heavier looks in general So basically im asking which guitar do you guys think would be better for metal and shred oriented playing as im also really into Satch and Vai too Thanks guys