I'm looking to buy a new 4x12 for a djent sound. I have a Blackstar series one 104 6l6 head, Apex2 guitar with bareknuckle aftermaths, and my current cab is an Ibanez toneblaster... The cabinet isn't terrible at low volume, but at high volume, no matter how little gain/treble/presence I use, it still blows.
Try asking in GG&A, you'll get better answers there.
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This is pretty consistent with all 4x12s and a 100W amp. Turn up the volume and the bottom end disappears. There are two things at play here.

One is that most guitar speakers drop off rapidly below about 110Hz -- they just don't reproduce bass very well, and a basic 4x12 was never designed to do so, either.

The other is that bottom end takes power. This is why you see bass players pushing 1500W and up to produce cleans. 100W just isn't enough to do it well.

I'm using a modeler, a power amp and full range speakers that were originally designed to support bass. You might also consider adding a powered subwoofer to your setup (take a look at the ISP Technologies Vector SL to get an idea how something like this would work).

The Vector SL has a single 15" subwoofer in a closed-back ported cabinet with 600W pushing it, and it's designed specifically for this kind of process.

They also make a 4x12 size cabinet that has two 12" speakers arranged vertically (wider horizontal dispersion) in their own internal cabinet (these are powered by your 100W head) and a 15" speaker with a separate 400W power amp (in its own enclosure inside the cabinet) that handles lows. This particular one was for sale at Guitar Center used...

Hey, it's djent, when I djent with fx processors I put a second or third order LCF at around 150Hz and it works pretty good.

I'm not saying anything you wrote is wrong - on the contrary, though I think that's definitely not what TS needs.
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So that vector cab, in English =P, will help me hear myself over a drum set, without loosing a high gain tone? Sorry, I'm pretty simple minded with this stuff.