I have been self taught for about a year. Due to some seriously nasty graduation exams (just got out of high school), I didn't have time to study with a guitar teacher. I also don't have any friends who play guitar (Well, one, but he's neither serious about it nor can I communicate with him musically). This pretty much keeps me in my room. I practice daily, and I have solved some major playing problems recently. My technique is now pretty good too. What I think needs to be done to take my playing from good to excellent includes:

- Play with other musicians (not just guitarists)

- Attend guitar lessons (should be easy, there's quite a lot of conservatories where I live)

- Expand my repertoire (I play blues and rock, feel free to suggest songs worthwhile learning)

OK, and this is where I need help from players more experienced than me. Do you think the actions I listed above are adequate? Should I do anything else? And lastly, (not to sound like an impatient 4 year old), how long should I approximately take lessons? Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.
i'm guessing learning some theory (unless you're already doing that and just didn't mention it ) wouldn't hurt.

hard to say how long you need to take lessons for because I'm guessing it's different for every person, and also depends on whether there are good teachers who suit you nearby.
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.... how long should I approximately take lessons? ....

As long as you feel like it. Randy Rhoads used to seek out local guitar teachers while he was on tour... so theres no such thing as "too long to take lessons".

All your other points are spot on, I think. Your assumptions are correct imo.
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Ear Training.
-On your instrument
-Singing intervals and melodies etc
-Dedicate some time each day to trying to work out songs by ear.

There are useful ear training exercises to use with your instrument and singing that you can find online. Don't bother with apps and "interactive" online ear trainers though they are typically pretty useless for correlating to real world experience.