I am kind of in between the beginner/intermediate stage with my guitar playing, and I have a question about practicing, specifically about learning songs. I am starting to learn songs that are a little more difficult, and they are taking me longer than before to get them down. My question is: If I am stuck on a part of a song, and it's taking me forever to get it down, should I be learning new songs at the time so I am not stagnant, playing the same damn part of a solo over and over again? For example: I am lerning the solo for ACDC's Back in Black right now and there's a part that i've been stuck on for about a week now, frustrating the hell out of me. I only have a limited time to play every day, as I work full time. Do you think I just should spend all that time trying to get it until i do, or just i break up the time when I am stuck and learn something fresh to save myself from insanity. Which method is better for improvement? Any opinions?
I think it is healthy to have variation, but not too much. When i was a beginner i did one song at a time, as i became better i could practice two songs at the time. Nowadays i do a maximum of three songs at the same time, the most important part is just making sure you are practicing relaxed and properly, aswell as consistently. Some things take time, but if you practice well eventually you will get there.
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If you can keep track of what you're doing with each then there really is no reason not to, and there is really nothing worse than drilling something so often and so hard that you just burn out.
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^ agreed. banging your head against a wall if it's beyond you will arguably do more harm than good. trying something else is normally a better idea in that case.
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I like to work on about 3 at a time. You need to get some feeling of fulfillment from mastering an easier one to keep you enjoying playing while you're working forever on that harder one.