Hi there, just posted our first song and would love to hear what you think of it! The lyrics are not in english, but if anyone interested I could translate it for you But the lyrics are just a small part of it though, listen to the music firsthand! Prize for the first one to guess the correct language it's in!

Lósar - Vandringa


EDIT: hmmm, my link doesn't seem to hyperlink...any hints? anyway, just copy-paste it !
Thank you for listening atleast! Yeah, it's in norwegian, if anyones interested in the lyrics I could post them original or translated
I like the overlay tracks that fade in and out.

It's a pretty interesting song; you guys have some very intricate guitar work. I think you could do more with the bass, it seems to be all whole notes. Any kind of percussion, or maybe an acoustic guitar would really help make this move more.

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