Has anyone had problems with tuning on the EC-1000? I have a problem with it which I just cannot solve. The guitar tunes well, but when you play an e-power chord (open 6th string + 2nd fret A and D strings) it sounds as if the 6th string it slightly sharp. The only way to solve it is tuning it down slightly, but that compromises tuning further up the neck. The guitar is set up perfectly (by a pro-shop), action is great, new strings/old it's still the same. Intonation perfect. Frets in good condition.

It tends to be more noticeable on high gain sounds.


PS: I have a similar problem on my Paul Allender PRS, though it's not quite as severe.
That's the nut. It's not quite cut deep enough. Mine actually has the same problem, and so do most guitars, actually.
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Thanks for that. How does that make the open e sound sharp though? I could understand it making the fretted notes sharp...
It's not a case of the open note being sharp, but the fretted notes being flat. The low E intonation saddle needs to be adjusted as it's too far back.
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