Just went to the guitar shop to try out a few guitars today and the man there got me to try the 2014 fender deluxe strat hss , Now I am normally a les Paul man played them most of my life and still do but this strat sounded great, Anyway when he showed me a picture of behind the pick guard there was solderless pickups and know wires - personally cards I was like WTF, I was quite surprised andIt does look like fender are leading the way in guitar tech .
I'm all for the advancement of technology as long as the tones are still cool! Any pix?
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I'm really not digging this new technology. Those ribbon cables are easily damaged. Good luck finding a replacement cable in 20 years. There's something to be said for wires that are soldered in - I can fix them all day long and don't need to special order a proprietary harness. Also means you're not going to be doing much potentiometer experimentation.
I would imagine this is going to make swapping pups a bit more problematic, at least in the short run. I suppose if the industry adopts this (or something like it) as a standard, that's one thing. But it looks to me like Fender is getting a little proprietary with their newer tech.
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When I saw the solderless wiring on my Epiphone I thought they did it just to cut labor costs

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