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i was just wondering if i had an Original Floyd rose and a 1000 Series Floyd rose that were both set up correctly, would i actually notice that much difference? (apart from the metals that are used) im asking because im looking at buying a guitar with a Floyd and i have 2 that i like but one has an Original Floyd and the other a 1000 Series Floyd but the one with the 1000 Series is an LTD EC and i prefer the body shape on this to the other which is a Washburn PXM20FR.

You're really asking two questions there (sorry I always wanted to say that, but it's true )

To the first question- maybe, maybe not. I always felt the German/Schaller-made Floyd felt a bit nicer in use, but I didn't exactly do extensive scientific tests. You can definitely see from looking at the frt-x000 that it's is a little more crudely-made than the Schaller-made version- whether that affects it in use or not, I dunno- I think it does, but I could well be wrong and it might be psychological (or I might have the schaller one set up better, or whatever). But it does call into question the claims that I've seen made by some people that "They're exactly the same!", because they're not. You just have to look at them to see that. ( http://dellus.net/updates/original-floyd-rose-german-vs-korean/ )

That being said, the frt-x000 is a lot better than a lot of the cheapo floyds which are/were fitted to cheaper guitars with locking trems- given the free choice, I'd prefer the German one, but the frt-x000 is certainly usable, and reacts and feels "more or less" like an OFR. It's not quite as nice, but it's not a billion miles away either. I'd say an frt-x000 is about the minimum standard quality of Floyd I'd want to use, but I'd be ok if I had to use one. Kind of thing.

Plus it's supposedly a direct swap for an Schaller OFR, so if it did wear out a bit quicker than the German one, or if you decided you didn't like it as much, it shouldn't be that hard to swap, other than the expense incurred.

Anyway, on to the second question that you didn't really ask, but which is pretty important: Are you certain that the Washburn actually has a German-made OFR, or do they just say it has a Floyd Rose? I actually just went to the Washburn site and it says the PXM20FRFBCBM (I assume that's the one you mean) has an FRT-1000 as well: http://www.washburn.com/products/electric/PXM20FRFBCBM.html

That sounds like it's cleared it up, they both have the FRT-1000 But even if they didn't, personally I'd assume that any cheaper or mid-priced non-USA or European-made guitar (and even some USA and EU-made guitars) had the FRT-x000 rather than the Schaller-made OFR, even if the specs claimed it had an OFR, unless I knew for sure that it had the Schaller-made version. The Korean version is a lot cheaper, and if a guitar is under a certain price it's probably going to have that one.
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