Right now, I'm playing through a Genz-Benz El Diablo 60 head and a Soldano cab, which is great for my hard rock band. However, I've been thinking of leaving to start a cover band (I'm almost 30, and gave up on "making it" long ago, and on the few occasions when I've done bar gigs, it was always a blast).
Anyway, the Genz-Benz is great since it in essence has four channels (clean, crunch, distortion and lead). But a half-stack is a bit much for these kinds of gigs, so thinking of selling the amp and getting something a bit more practical. Thinking of getting a tube combo amp, ideally one with two channels, and augmenting that with a Tube Screamer as a lead boost. Any recommendations? Been a while since I kept up with the gear out there, so really no clue what's on the market these days. Figure my budget is around $750, which is what I assume I can get for selling the head and cab.
kustom coupé, traynor ycv, maybe mesa f series, something like that? I'm not too well up on used US prices (or even new ones but especially used).
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