I was sitting on a park bench,
Feeling sorry for myself,
Questioning why I wasn't
Born somebody else,
I'd die for love,
And see hearts for wealth,
Thankfully death hath no dominion

The poets and freaks sing of
While the politicians live for
I went to China to fill a hole,
And called it "caulk-Asian"
Well everybody has a useless opinion

The candles burn fast,
As the viola cries,
Someone throws a clock past,
Time truly flies,
I sit under the night,
The fisher on the moon dies,
And I take his place,
Dropping you a midnight line

Don't leave me suspended,
You'll let me down,
All my life I've intended,
To play the clown,
And now have pretended,
You're with me now,
As the wise man once said "Don't drop the soap"

In every Polaroid of you,
You knock me out,
And for each song you sing,
The world dreams out loud,
That one of us,
May reside inside your cloud,
It's a day I dream, a hopeless hope

The one eyed night watchmen peaks his head,
I think I'll do him a favor,
And the Tibetan Monk tells me,
"Each moment you should savor"
From miles out, I shout to you,
"Hello, hey there"
I think I'll write you a line on this
Midnight paper

The horizon separates here from
Like vital seconds before
The explosion of a bomb,
And as to what follows next,
We can only respond,
React after it has occurred

And I am the shore,
Never changing in place,
Whilst you are the wave,
That the locals chase,
The one that crashes on shore and
proves to erase
Footprints of today, for ones tomorrow