I have the 6505 112 a digitech bad monkey,a danelectro fish n chips and a jackson phil demmel king v pro series. it has the emg 81 and 85 and I can't seem to get a good tone out of my amp. I need help using the fish n chips does anyone have any good settings
Are you using the loop? I could get a great tone even outta my VK112 when I put a good eq in the loop. I'm sure plenty of resources in the Peavey forums could help too. I heard it's not too tough to dial in 6505 though. What are you looking for in tone?
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What are you looking for in your tone? Because a 6505 pretty much sounds the way it's going to sound with all knobs on 5. (Basically). Make sure your EQ pedal is in the loop. I've found it very helpful to cut the highest highs with my eq pedal; it gets rid of the fizz.

Tell us what you need and we can be more helpful...
Nope I don't know how to use that I have it plugged in the input along with the bad monkey. I'm looking for a children of bodom sound something aggressive but not too much treble I don't like when it sounds scratchy if you know what i mean.
Turn it up.
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