Hi, Does anyone in here use one of the Mackie ProFX series mixers?

I have a question on how to, if possible to turn off the "onboard" effects and have sound still going to mains and monitors.

We just bought a new Mixer, ProFX16, and even though I press the "fx mute" button, or even turn the internal FX knobs down for the main, I don't get any signal to the mains, its like its completely chopping it off...

I feel like i'm just missing something....
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Nice board with a lot of choices. Process of elimination... follow the signal until it stops.

Channel gain set properly?
Fader up?
Channel solo works fine and shows on meters?
L/R chnl assign pressed and shows on meters?
Signal through headphones?
Main output connected properly?

When in doubt... RTFM
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Not following what you are trying to do! I have the ProFX12.

You said: "turn off the "onboard" effects and have sound still going to mains and monitors." Yes, of course, you don't HAVE to use the FX. Each channel has an FX send and an 'Aux' send - which goes to the monitor/aux output, and there is an FX return slider next to the monitor and main sliders.
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Sounds like your FX sends are maxed. Turn the FX knob on each channel all the way down and that will turn them back to a 100% dry blend instead of the opposite, which was your problem.

That's just my guess, I run a Mackie SR24.4 at work, which is a studio mixer, and that's how our FX mixes work.
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