Hello! I've recently fallen in love with the Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Amp. Unfortunately, I'm unable to purchase for financial reasons. I was curious as to whether there are some pedals that could produce the same kind of warm, full, high-gain sound?

Any suggestions and/or help are greatly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance

Here's a demonstration video for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It_k4uDnetU
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Dr. Boogie? never tried one but i would look into it or look at wampler.
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I use a Wampler Sovereign pedal combined with a TC Electronic Spark Booster place before it....gets the job done for me...

Or you could get the Wampler Triple Wreck...it's designed to replicate the Mesa Rec...
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Dr. Boogie? never tried one but i would look into it or look at wampler.

Agreed, either build a Dr. Boogey or get a Wampler Triple Wreck.

I've built a Dr. Boogey (link to my build thread), and it delivers. I use it through my Ampeg's clean channel and it turns it into a beast. Sometimes I stack an overdrive pedal with the Dr. Boogey to compress and tighten the sound even more.

If you go the Dr. Boogey route, the most important thing is the bias.
Bias it by ear to your taste, don't bias according to specific values.

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