Right now in music class at school (year 11) we are in a unit called "Music of the stage". Such things inside this unit would be stuff like opera, or musicals. I've been having trouble finding a piece to play that isn't super easy, or boring (and I'm not gonna play at my best when I'm not interested). I'd love it if you could suggest some songs from musicals that I could play. The practical assessment is due in 3 weeks. Thanks!
Check out something more contemporary/rock (a tune from Rent, The Full Monty, Next to Normal, American Idiot, All Shook Up would probably work well). You could also do a reduction of a classic musical theater tune (or operatic piece) for solo guitar, if you have the arranging chops. I don't know much about opera, but I can't imagine guitar was in the orchestra for many, and for most older musical theater shows, the guitar part is pretty much just chord symbols, and doesn't contain much of the essence of the tune.
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