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Burn one
6 12%
Drink two
4 8%
Fly three
17 33%
25 48%
Voters: 52.
I know this question has been asked like 0 times before but i'd figure i'd ask it here since I didn't know where to ask. Is it a good idea to smoke my schector omen 6 or should I let it get ripe for fermentation as I plan to also drink my guitar as well if I have any leftover.

Poll up soon.
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depends if you want to summon satan or not
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yes, the lacquer fumes give such a great buzz

stay in school
i don't know why i feel so dry
That's a br00tal, dark sounding guitar.
Just right for adding malt for a good dark stout.
Don't waste on smoking or ripening for an IPA.
yeh man, liek smokin edible you know that purp scurp and ah man it was so niice that wow i got such a big high from it mang u gotta try it
superman is killing himself tonight
You smoke, you choke

So yes if you're into auto-erotic asphixiation


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Omen 6 is shwag, bro.
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Yeah nothing like polyurethane varnish to give you a good buzz.
absolutely. for the wood in your smokehouse, I'd use bits from old bourbon casks mixed with the some oak logs for best flavour

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Since I do not know about the topic at hand, I will abstain from voting in order to prevent the poll from becoming defiled by my ignorance.

Carry on.
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Smoking is so 1900s. If you wanna get a real good buzz you gotta vape it bruv.

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